Delectable Treats from Little Massachusetts

As summer swings to an end and autumn begins to make its mark, you might be feeling a little disappointed about the shorter days and cooler temperatures. Don’t fret! This month, we’ve got some fresh finds to keep your spirits up. 

We’re confident you’ll discover something to tickle your fancy. Take a look at these 5 items we’ve rounded up from The Bay State – all just for you!

Plum Island Soap Company – Ocean Mist Shower Gel

Michele Diodati founded Plum Island Soap Company in 1999 after finding a hobby that she adored. Determined to churn out all-natural body products without chemicals or harmful ingredients, she developed and perfected her own recipes in her Plum Island, Massachusetts, kitchen. One of her first creations was a lotion to cure a diaper rash for her own child. 

Plum Island Soap Company goodies are made daily at a modest shop on – you guessed it – Plum Island, a Massachusetts northern barrier island. Customers can stop in and see small batches of goodness made with the company’s main ingredient: love.

Next time you need to feel refreshed, hop in the bath or shower with this incredible shower gel from Plum Island Soap Company. Infused with spearmint and peppermint oils, this body wash is sure to revitalize your senses and soothe sore muscles. Need something to wake you up on an early morning? Plum Island’s Ocean Mist Shower Gel is sure to get you going with its bright scent. 

Lark Fine Foods – Cookies

Essex-born Lark Fine Foods started as a family business in 2008 and today, continues to whip up “cookies for grown-ups” that are defined by their rich, robust, better-than-homemade tastes. Everything about Lark’s cookies are all-natural and they make for deliciously grown-up snacks suitable for all ages (though it will be hard to share!).

In their own words, Lark Fine Foods cookies are “long in flavor and low in sugar.” Who could ask for more? Designed as “grown-up cookies” and intended for refined palates, Lark cookies are free of preservatives and use the freshest, finest ingredients to pack a big punch of flavor into their small batches of snacks. If you need a lightly-sweetened crunch, you’ve found your match in Lark Fine Foods cookies.

Equal Exchange – Tea

Equal Exchange has been working to further true fair-trade relationships that are beneficial to consumers and producers alike. Their partnerships with farmers from around the world continue to lead us all to a better world.

Equal Exchange offers a number of satisfying teas to suit any taste. Equal Exchange teas are cultivated in India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa by local farmers and their families. Take your pick of their green, herbal, and black tea loose leaf options or get yourself some sachets to steep in your steaming hot mug.

McCreas Candies – Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramel

Jason McCrea serves as the founder and “chief caramel scientist” at McCrea’s Candies. With an extensive background in chemistry and a love for natural ingredients, the results of Jason’s experiments were beautifully-crafted artisan yummies. McCrea’s caramel creations aren’t just a product of Jason’s making – he gives equal credit to his team. 

Sabotage your sugar cravings with a piece of McCrea’s Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramel. Each morsel is lightly seasoned with New England coastal sea salt. It’s the perfect treat for any self-professed sweet tooth.

Smudge Ink- Greeting Card

Situated right on the banks of the Boston Harbor, this stationery company has been creating bright, beautiful cards since 2002. Smudge Ink has one main goal and that's to make people happy and their extensive line of fun, colorful cards does just that. Send your card to someone special in your life and make them smile.


We’re fairly certain that our list this month will have you aching for a quick trip to this tiny state on the East coast. With so many natural and flavorful offerings, you’re sure to find your fill on your next visit to Massachusetts. 


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