Bold Treasures from Big Texas

Texas is well known for its music culture, food and drinks, and the artisans who call the state home. If need a few ways to make your fall a little cozier, these Southern brands may have just what you're looking for. 

From handcrafted clothing accessories to healthy snacks, we've discovered 4 Texas-crafted items we can't wait to share with you. 

Z&Co. – Pumpkin Farmhouse Candle

McAllen-bred Z&Co. was established in 2005. Their home-fresh scents are inspired by eclectic, vintage finds and are made with premium soy wax and essential oils that deliver fragrances of pure antiquey bliss.

Bring the smells of fall inside with the Pumpkin Farmhouse Candle. This handcrafted 12 oz. soy candle is part of Z&Co.’s “The Farmhouse Collection” and is sure to spread gorgeous scents throughout your home. 

Moon Rivers Naturals – Soap

Located in beautiful Hawkins, Texas, Moon Rivers Naturals is a family-run company that focuses on organic ingredients that are pure and simple. The founding couple’s passion project are their unique-ingredient artisan soaps. 

The collection features 11 varieties to choose from. Each handcrafted soap is made with essential oils, natural moisturizers, and gentle cleansers; and all bars are hand-cut. Nourish your body guilt- and chemical-free.

EPIC – Pork Rinds

Husband and wife team Taylor and Katie discovered their passion for eating foods that are often touted as "what our paleolithic ancestors might have eaten" in trendy nutrition circles. After trying a variety of food plans, they discovered the paleo lifestyle and wanted nothing more than to help others live a healthy life. The solution was creating their EPIC Protein Bar.

If you're big on protein, the EPIC Bar's Bites Snack Collection may be just what you need. The company focuses on high quality meats, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits raised in humane and sustainable ways. 

The snacks are available in flavors like turkey cranberry sage, maple bacon blueberry, salmon maple dill, and sesame chicken barbecue – just to name a few! With so many varied options, there's sure to be something available that charms your taste buds.

Bearded Brothers – Energy Bar

The Bearded Brothers began making energy bars in their own kitchens in 2011, selling them to friends and family before the business took off. Since their inception, the brothers’ bars specialize in fueling healthy, active pursuits with natural products and come in environmentally-friendly packaging. 

The yummy snacks come in flavorful varieties like blueberry vanilla, coconut mango, orange kale, ginger peach, macha chocolate, and raspberry lemon. Each bar is free of gluten and soy, certified organic, and covered in a compostable wrapper.


No matter what you're looking for, the Lonestar State is likely to have something you'll love. If you can't make it to Texas to explore these items, we can help you with that! Subscribe to Hammock Pack today to get this month's pack of goodies.

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