A Lesson in "Dallitude"

"Dallitude", also known as “Dallas attitude,” has been around for a long time. The term itself often invokes a negative connotation to "outsiders," but Dallas natives don't let it get to them. Instead, they fully embrace their friendly, independent, bull-headed spirit. 

The seemingly-maligned city has experienced tremendous changes over the last decade with its bustling metropolis, vibrant nightlife, and some of the best food scenes in the world. Of course, we can't leave out sports! It's no wonder why "Big D" natives are so proud of their roots. 

No more waiting – let’s take a lesson in “Dallitude” together!

The Legendary Dallas Cowboys (and Girls)

There's no shortage of sporting events in Dallas. But this post would be a disappointment if we failed to mention the Dallas Cowboys. Not only are the Dallas Cowboys the most profitable sports team in the world, but they were also the first to introduce the NFL’s iconic cheerleaders. The Cowboy’s first cheerleaders represented a new era of entertainment and even have their own reality TV show

What’s more, without Dallas oil man, Lamar Hunt, former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, there'd be no Super Bowl. Can you imagine America without its biggest and most anticipated game of the year? We can't.

A Foodie Haven

It's probably not a surprise to hear that Dallas has some of the best barbecue. But the food scene in Dallas is beyond Tex-Mex and steakhouses. If you're a foodie, get ready to be dazed by the diverse selection of cuisine in the Big D. 

From the delicate tastes of Japanese fare to hearty Italian meals, from casual burger shops to swanky, contemporary American restaurants, this city makes sure you always go home with a happy, satisfyingly full belly. With such ample collections of eateries, it explains why Dallas people love not to cook. 

Last but not least, Dallas also introduced the world to the frozen margarita machine. Check out the restaurant that made them famous – have a margarita (frozen or on the rocks!) from Mariano’s Hacienda.

A Culture of Excess

Dallas is all about "go big or go home" and the bigger, the better. Indeed, Dallas natives overdo everything (didn't we just talk about the abundant food scene earlier?). The city is rolling with glitz and glamour, and secures the #2 spot on the chart for the highest population of billionaire denizens (only second to New York City).   

The money aspect aside, Dallas has the largest urban arts district in the U.S. You'll be amazed by its number of fine art and science museums, showcasing impressive collections with ages spanning thousands of years. However, if you're not “in” to walking around and contemplating museum exhibits, take some time to chill over drinks while listening to good jazz and blues. Head to Deep Ellum for some great ales and lagers, complete with a dose of exciting nightlife entertainment. 

There’s so much about Dallas that never fails to intrigue the curiosity and interest of both natives and outsiders. We hope this post has given you a fresh look at “Dallitude” and inspired you to visit the city that deservingly runs the Lone Star State.         


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