Hippie Wholesome Finds from Portland

There’s no denying that Portland, Oregon is a world unto itself. From moustache wax to fixed gear bikes and a million degrees of sustainable, hip, conscientious culture in between, it’s a great place to get in touch with your environmental side and support local artists of all types.

Sure, it’s been said (well, sung) in a certain Fred Armisen show that “The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland,” but this Pacific Northwestern city has so much more to offer than a serious dose of nostalgia. You can take a trip to the ocean or lose yourself in the forests; climb a mountain or spend your entire day wandering in and out of the quaint and cool downtown shops. 

There’s an endless supply of unique finds with an earth-friendly twist in Portland and even though it was tough to narrow it down, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites for this month’s Hammock Pack.

Masala Pop – Chai Masala Flavor

A movie theater favorite; a family recipe; and a sustainably sourced, cooked, and spiced twist? That’s the name of the game for this delicious Portland popcorn favorite that you’ll be eating by the bagful. 

Founded in 2011 by Neha Patel and inspired by her mother’s Indian-spiced popcorn recipe, Masala Pop is dedicated to creating delicious, non-GMO popcorn flavored with authentic Indian spices and popped using non-hydrogenated oils. With the perfect hint of natural sweeteners like organic coconut oil, this popcorn is the perfect healthy snack to satisfy any craving. 

Molly Muriel – Lip Balm

For most of the country, it’s still firmly winter – at least for another few weeks. Along with those chilly temperatures and all that snow comes drier air and cracked, chapped lips. But the problem with most lip balms and chapsticks is that they are chock-full of chemicals that end up drying your lips out more. Enter Molly Muriel Lip Therapy – an all natural, healing lip balm to leave your lips more than kissable.


We’re talking jojoba oil, mango butter, shea butter, essential oils, and more. This stuff lets you treat your lips to luxurious, pure, soothing ingredients without destroying the planet.


Molly Muriel LLC was founded in 2002 by Branda Tiffany after years of being enamored by the handmade process of creating soaps, salves, balms, and bath bombs. For Branda, it’s always been about the integrity of the product. She steers clear of any synthetic fragrances or colorings, keeping your skin beautiful and the environment clean. 

Frankie & Coco PDX – Zipper Pouch

You can find handmade and finely-detailed gems in Portland in abundance, but nothing is quite like the items from Frankie & Coco PDX. These zippered pouches are modern with just the right amount of vintage inspiration and come straight from the sewing machine of Portland maker Maya Mouri. She creates each piece by hand, emphasizing texture, color, and functionality in her work. 


Whether it’s clean lines, geometric patterns, or a little splash of tribal inspiration, Frankie & Coco PDX is all about exceptional quality and highly-usable bags, clutches, and totes. Maya and her fellow artist/maker husband live and love in Portland, where the city serves as huge inspiration for their patterns, styles, and new items. 

Harvest Paper Co. – Market Notepad

If there’s one thing you can count on in Portland come spring time, it’s a darn good farmer’s market scene. Localism is next to godliness in this part of the country, so supporting local farmers while keeping your fridge stocked up with fresh produce each week is the definition of a win-win. 


With farmer’s markets gaining popularity around the country again, the market notepad by Harvest Paper Co. is the perfect pairing for your weekend outings. Detailed with hand-illustrated veggies, this 4” x 6” pad will keep you (mostly) on track while you peruse delicious, locally-grown goods. 


Harvest Paper Co. came to be when the owner, Sam, couldn’t find the perfect handmade items for her impending nuptials. Applying her background in graphic design, she created her own and the hobby quickly blossomed into more. For Sam, Harvest Paper Co. is about creating witty, pretty, slightly hilarious paper goods that are eco-friendly and completely unique. From notepads to art prints and more, Sam creates, packages, and ships everything from her home studio. 



Can you hear the relaxing raindrops on your window pane or smell the freshly brewed coffee calling your name? To get a good feel for the spirit of Portland from this month’s box of goodies, subscribe today!

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