Flavorful Discoveries from Philadelphia


With around 40 million visitors every year, Philadelphia is one of America’s most important historical cities. But the city offers much more than narrow cobblestone streets and historical landmarks. What else makes Philadelphia so memorable? It’s unique blend of artisan crafts from small businesses for you to discover.

This month, Hammock Pack brings you some great goodies, all from a few of the coolest shops in Philly. Get ready to indulge yourself with these lovely treats!


1. Rose Water Lip Balm from Hand in Hand

Fall is already here. Have your lips started to feel a little dry? It’s time to moisturize and protect them with the Rose Water Lip Balm from Hand in Hand.

Hand in Hand is the brainchild of married couple Courtney and Bill, whose vision was to build a business that goes beyond making profits. The company's mission is to create truly eco-friendly products: all Hand in Hand items are made with natural ingredients and sustainable resources that are ethically grown and harvested.

The Rose Water Lip Balm is full of select oils and shea butter; an exotic blend of rose, clove and mint against a sandalwood base; and topped off with a hint of stevia. This will make your lips feel and smell wonderful! What’s more, Hand in Hand donates one bar of soap and one month of clean water to a child in the developing world for every lip balm purchased.


2. Vanilla Maple Soy Wax Candle from Candelles

Founders Kelly and CJ started Candelles in early 2013 as a hobby and turned it into a successful business. They aim to convey fun, beauty, and the simplicity of life through their products. After testing different combination methods and types of wicks, Candelles candles – a mixture of all-natural soy wax and essential oils with no additives – were born.

Are you a sweet tooth? This Vanilla Maple candle is a perfect blend of traditional vanilla notes with a touch of rich, creamy maple syrup. It will make you wish candles were edible.

3. Pretzel Tea Towel by Girls Can Tell gift co.

After graduating from architecture school at the University of Virginia and a few years of working in the field, Sara Selepouchin Villari began printing her illustrations onto fun, useful things to give as gifts to friends. In 2006, Philly-based Girls Can Tell gift co. was born. The company features a line of printed items with Sara's original diagram illustrations.

This fun and cute towel design with a Philly-style soft pretzel and yellow mustard will make you smile every time you dry your dishes. What a nice touch for your kitchen!


4. Stroopie Double Pack

Stroopie was inspired after several trips to Europe by founder, Ed, and his family. They began to enjoy the Dutch stroopwafel, one of Europe’s oldest and most secret recipes, served with a hot drink. They brought packs of stroopwafels as gifts back to the U.S. for friends and family. Everyone loved them and wanted more. The rest is history.

Now you can enjoy the authentic taste of an original stroopie here in the U.S. You’ll love this cookie-like treat: it’s two wafer-thin waffles – blended with a pinch of cinnamon and filled with homemade caramel sauce – make it a great pairing for coffee or tea. Your package of two stroopies is perfect for sharing with someone you love (or saving one for later!).


This list of goodies reflects only a small part of the amazing artisan-crafted scene in Philadelphia. But we hope you’ve gotten a glimpse of the passion and inspiration behind each product. Hammock Pack loves supporting businesses that are breathing changes into their communities and around the world.

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