Fabulous Finds in New York

New York is known worldwide for the lights, energy, and action of its largest and most famous city. But don’t think for one minute that this northern state is nothing but hustle and bustle.

This month at Hammock Pack, we’re featuring goodies from The Empire State that will inspire you to slow down and indulge in life’s little luxuries. From sweet treats with a hint of sea salt to creamy handmade soaps that will cleanse and soothe your skin, this month’s pack is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

“The Cookie” from Salt of the Earth Bakery

Brooklyn-based Salt of the Earth Bakery was founded with one simple goal in mind: to create tasty artisanal baked goods as a way to elevate the snacking experience.

The company specializes in reimagining classic baked goods, pairing each treat with a special blend of sea salts and exotic spices. All of their goodies are created using only the best natural ingredients, including 100% Fair Trade USA certified chocolate and no artificial additives.

Salt of the Earth’s top-selling treat, named simply “The Cookie,” promises to be “everything a cookie always wanted to be.” This sweet, salty, and buttery snack contains chocolate chips and a dash of Maldon Sea Salt.

Caramel Sea Salt Taffy from Salty Road

Marisa Wu began making hand-pulled taffy in the summer of 2011 when her friends opened a beachside organic produce stand and couldn’t find any locally made taffy to stock in their shop. Since that summer day, Salty Road Taffy has expanded their line to include an assortment of flavorful taffies, all produced with natural flavorings, such as real vanilla beans, fruit purees, spices and large-grain sea salt.

This creamy Caramel Sea Salt Taffy is made using only 5 ingredients and offers a rich caramel flavor that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit salty.

Watermelon Whipped Soap from Simple Traditions

Founder Leah first became interested in all-natural soap making at the young age of 8 years old. Today, she and her husband Will have worked to create a full line of handmade luxury soaps for their business, Simple Traditions.

Leah’s soaps are paraben-free and contain only the finest natural ingredients, designed for soothing and gently cleansing your skin.

Simple Traditions’ Watermelon Whipped Soap is creamy, moisturizing, and sweetly-scented. Lather up let the suds nourish your skin.

Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath from Aromafloria

Sharon Christie has been a lifelong believer in the healing powers of aromatherapy and holistic living. She founded Aromafloria as a way to share her passion for aroma-focused wellness.

Aromafloria has now been producing finely crafted body care and aromatherapy products for nearly three decades. All of their products are a custom blend of essential oils, herbs, botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals.

Sooth itchy skin and relax your muscles with Aromafloria’s Stress Less Foaming Bubble Bath. This gentle formula combines the healing powers of lavender, chamomile and sage to help you have your most relaxing soak ever.


These products offer just a taste of New York’s large and diverse artisan craft selection. As small local businesses, they are dedicated to making positive changes in their communities and industries; we’re happy to support them.

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