4 Creative Staycations for This Summer

In case you somehow missed the memo, summer is here! Most likely, you’re planning how you will spend your precious vacation days. When you are on a tight budget or you have a limited amount of time away from the office, summer getaways can be stressful instead of relaxing.

Staycations are the solution for any summer plan lacking luster and Beyonce’s budget. Instead of a traditional vacation, try staying closer to home and having a “staycation.” Forget expensive travel, spendy hotel accommodations, and eating out every night. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 4 creative staycation ideas to fill in on your vacation calendar this season.


  1. Tour your city like a tourist.

At Hammock Pack, we love introducing you to a new city by sending you products we love from that destination’s local businesses. As exciting as it is to visit a new place, sometimes it’s just as fun to explore your own turf.

Maybe there’s a local historical museum or local landmark you’ve been meaning to pop by and never have. Are there some cute, locally-owned shops downtown that you’ve not visited yet? What about that new restaurant that opened a few months ago? Now is a great time to check it all out!

Even if you live in a small town, make a day trip to the next larger city and take it in as if you were a first-time visitor – even if you’ve been there a thousand times. You might be surprised what you find!


  1. Make a local bucket list of things you’ve never tried but wanted to.

Staying home can give you an opportunity to do things you’ve never made enough time for before. Whether it’s spending a day at the spa or taking a class you’ve always wanted to take, staying close to home gives you the opportunity to finally mark things off your “bucket list”.


  1. Turn your kitchen into a restaurant: Make a new meal every night for your loved ones or invite friends over.

Do you love to cook? Take some time to research some new recipes and give them a try while you’ve got time to do all the complicated prep work. Visit a local farmers market to gather fresh ingredients and support your community.

If you need help eating all that delicious food, enlist the help of your friends! Host a dinner party or two. You could even truly make it feel more like a restaurant and let your guests choose from two or three items. If you can whip up a storm, whip away! Have fun and show your culinary side.


  1. Go on a real-life treasure hunt.

Geocaching is all the rage these days and anyone with a smartphone and a good, old-fashioned sense of adventure can do it. Track down a cache box, sign the logbook register, and leave a knickknack.

This is a great activity if you have kids! They will love tracking where “x” marks the spot. Take pictures on your way and make it a family affair to remember.

Don’t know much about geocaching? Check out their website and set up your online account.


Whatever your vacation plans are this summer, we at Hammock Pack wish you a magical experience. Have some fun and consider keeping it close to home. You might just love it.


Images via Flickr users David Sawyer, uniquehotelsgroup, Didriks, and meddygarnet


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