Mile High Marvels

At Hammock Pack, we love introducing you to great goodies from all over the U.S. This month, our pack of treats comes to you from the “Mile High” city: Denver, Colorado.

Denver is a vibrant place. It’s home to the Rocky Mountains, the birthplace of Chipotle, and host to an average 300 days of annual sunshine. But what else makes Denver so great? It’s many small businesses and appreciation for artisan crafts.

We hope you’ll love this month’s picks as much as we do.

Journal from Craftbelly Paper & Pattern

Creator Lizzie Greco started her projects in Chicago, working with independent stationery shops around the city. Since then, she has moved her business to Denver and works in a private studio, designing her own prints for her journals, picture frames, stationery, and wrapping paper.

Maybe you need to write a reminder or you want to remember a place you’re crossing on the street. Whatever your notes are, keeping a soft-covered, lightweight Craftbelly journal in your handbag will save the day. Craftbelly journals have thick 100 lb screen printed covers with 24 blank text-weight pages. Each is staple-bound with a secure, ⅛-inch spine.

Bath Soap from Spinster Sisters Co.

Founded by two sisters, Spinster Sisters Co. began when the duo wanted soaps and body care products that weren’t laced with chemicals. They set out to produce their line in ways that were friendlier to the environment. The result: a long list of natural, eco-friendly skin care products.

Spinster Sisters Co. bath soap starts with olive, coconut, palm (sustainable/organic), castor, apricot kernel and argan oils. The oil base is then combined with cocoa butter and fair-trade shea butter for added moisturizing. Each bar is long lasting, luxurious, and great for your skin.

Peach Tea from Teakoe Tea

Teakoe Tea peach tea is a fine blend of mild-caffeinated black tea, peach, ginger, and licorice root. Each box comes with 8 bags, enough for 32 glasses of divine peach tea. This natural blend will sit happily on your pantry shelf for up to 455 days, but you probably won’t be keeping it around that long!

Lip Balm from Live Beautifully

Husband and wife team Aaron and Nicole Wildasin created Live Beautifully after realizing their work as graphic designers lacked something more tangible. The Wildasins set out to structure Live Beautifully around 3 simple principles: the natural healing properties of their chosen ingredients, unique scent offerings, and an experience that travels with their customers.

Live Beautifully lip balms are handcrafted with natural ingredients and essential oils to condition and nourish lips, as well as minimize the appearance of fine lines. All varieties are abundant in Vitamins A and E. Each solid balm comes in a small tin that can be stored in a pocket or handbag.

This short list is just a few of the incredible artisan-crafted products available in Denver. Each item is just a small view of the creators’ passion and creativity. At Hammock Pack, we love supporting businesses that are doing things differently and making small changes in their communities and the world.

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