Summer In San Francisco: 7 Reasons Why San Francisco Is the Perfect Summer Destination


San Francisco is known for many things—the Golden Gate Bridge, Telegraph Hill, Chinatown, trolley cars, row houses, and more. But these things barely scratch the surface; there is a lot more to this vibrant, art-filled city, especially in the summer. Then, it fills with events and must-go destinations, and with high temperatures mostly in the upper 60s, you can enjoy it all in perfect comfort.

1. Stern Grove Music Festival

This free music festival, now in its 78th year of existence, is held every Sunday from June 14 through August 16. It showcases a diverse group of talent—from orchestral acts to pop singers. This year the festival’s big event is a Doobie Brothers/California Honeydrops concert, a night called the Big Picnic that promises a lot of excitement.

2. Exploratorium After Dark

For a thought-provoking fun summer date night, consider this adults-only event held at one of San Francisco’s coolest learning museums every first Thursday. This happening expertly combines film, cocktails, and hands-on exploratory exhibits for adults.

3. San Francisco Giants

Why not take in a baseball game on a lazy summer afternoon or go to a night game on a cool, foggy night? The San Francisco Giants, coming off of their 2014 World Series win, will not disappoint. At their AT&T Field, You can watch players like Pablo Sandavol and Madison Bumgarner play some of the best baseball in the country.

4. Alcatraz

This historic prison and national park is a must see in the summertime. You can ride a ferry out to the island starting at 9 am, and because Alcatraz is open later in the summer, you can stay as long as 6:30 pm. There is so much to see and experience, so why not give yourself time to see it all?

5. Zeitgeist International Film Festival

The Zeitgeist International Film Festival is just one example of the awesome, mostly free, film festivals that happen every summer in San Francisco. No matter what your fancies are—Jewish films, Greek films, silent films, and more—the city has something to offer you.

6. Free Shakespeare in the Park

Each summer, the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival presents a full production of one of the Bard’s plays for the city’s residents and guests to enjoy. This year, they will perform Romeo & Juliet, which will be excellent. The festival will also hold workshops for children from ages 4-18 for several weeks over the summer months, providing entertainment and instruction.

7. San Francisco Street Food Night Market

This unique event, held August 15 and 16, is one that makes summer time in San Francisco a great experience. This market aims to bring the tastes and flavors of the city and make them accessible in one location for anyone to sample. These two days will see a congregation of over eighty venders, many of whom are immigrant small business owners looking for exposure and a new customer base. Over the course of the two days, these vendors will feed over eighty thousand people.


This is just a small list of the unique offerings that make San Francisco a great place to spend its warmer months. Just know that no matter what your preferences for summer diversions, this beautiful city has something for you. San Francisco is full of history, fun, excitement, and adventure. Even if you’re not able to partake of this vibrant city this summer, subscribe and get a taste of it and other fantastic places for yourself.




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