Inside the Austin Hammock Pack

Each month, Hammock Pack brings you a selection of the best local products from a different location across the world. This month, we are thrilled to bring you some fantastic products from Austin, TX. These products are a reflection of Austin’s reputation of quirkiness and out the-box-thinking. Artisans create each with passion, creativity, and dedication.

A Wild Soap Bar- Organic Soap

We’re excited to feature these soaps we hope you’ll be “wild” about. With scents like Sassafras, Prickly Pear, and Juniper Berry, you know that using A Wild Bar Soap will be a unique experience. Each bar is crafted from organic ingredients, so you aren’t using harsh chemicals that will damage your skin. This real soap is made from a combination of natural oils, so while using this product on your skin, you will be providing moisture and a barrier to protect your skin from harm.

In addition to providing a great product, this family-owned company is passionate about protecting the environment. To that end, their soap is minimally packaged and labeled with recycled paper to create as little waste as possible.


Bearded Brothers Energy Bar- Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla Bar

Two men who are passionate about the outdoors founded the Bearded Brothers Company. They make a product that is excellent whether you want to hike and need a snack on the trail or whether you are someone who wants to eat food close to nature. To that end, these bars are raw, vegan, gluten and soy free, and made with organic ingredients. With quality ingredients like sprouted brown rice flour and organic dried blueberries, you can be sure that you are eating whole foods that will be a good source of energy for your body. That natural energy is multiplied by their protein content, which will help your body keep going longer.


Luna Tigre candles- Bluebonnet 6 oz candle



Luna Tigre makes small batches of their handmade, hand-poured soy candles in order to provide their customer with a quality product. Their candles will liven up your home with the unique and vivid scent of Texas Bluebonnets. The floral scent of bluebonnets will bring the joy of spring in Texas inside, even if spring hasn’t quite made its way to you. Their smell should tide you over until your own spring comes; because they are 100% soy, their scent remains longer than other types of candles.


Little Minnow Tea Towel

These adorable, hand-cut, hand-printed tea towels will turn your kitchen and house into a home. Designed and sewn by two Minnesotan sisters now living in Texas, these towels take the basic tea towel and make it surprisingly modern and classic at the same time. The whimsy of the geometric designs—like arrows, triangles, and bonnets—will bring a smile to your face and fun to your kitchen. They will add a touch of whimsy to a normally utilitarian product.


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