Inside the Chicago Hammock Pack

by Anna Wickham

Every month, Hammock Pack subscribers receive a collection of hand-curated goodies directly from local businesses in a different region of the country. This month, subscribers will get a taste of the Windy City with artisanal products from local businesses.

Jo Snow Syrups

Are you tired of seeing the same old boring flavors of syrup at your local coffee shop or sno-cone stand? So was Melissa Yen, creator of Jo Snow Syrups. These syrups are great in uniquely-flavored snow cones, your morning cup of coffee, or your at-home cocktail. Try flavors such as pumpkin spice coconut, fig vanilla black pepper, and tangerine lavender honey.

Whimsical Candy

Whimsical Candy aims to fill that seemingly unfillable void: that is, to satisfy your nostalgia for the “kid in the candy store” excitement of candy flavors, while also giving the grown-up taste that we crave. The makers noticed that artisanal candy, and especially chocolate, is always so serious. Whimsical Candy is artisanal candy with a sense of humor.

Subscribers to this month’s Hammock Pack will receive an adorable 3-piece box of Original La-Dee-Dahs®, handmade swirls of white chocolate nougat and sea salty caramel dipped in premium dark chocolate. Our mouths are watering just talking about it!

Salted Caramel Pretzel Graham Toffee

Salted Caramel is all about that delicate, delicious intersection between sweet and salty. They have a vintage vibe and have fun honoring the heritage of candy makers by taking creative twists on traditional sweets. Active members of the creative food scene in Chicago, this company is a fitting addition to the Chicago Pack.

Subscribers will be happy for this company’s inclusion as well when they taste the rich goodness of Salted Caramel’s Pretzel Graham Toffee. 

Steel Petal Press

Shayna Norwood, the owner of Steel Petal Press, loves the way that text interacts with images to convey meaning. Maybe that’s why we love her creations so much: they are the perfect expression of what you’re trying to say, but in a cute, hand-printed mini piece of art.

In the Chicago Hammock Pack, subscribers will get their very own Steel Petal Press hand-pressed piece of art to share with whomever they wish (or keep for themselves!).


Bee’s Knees Chipotle + Lime Peanuts

On a visit to Australia, Bee’s Knees creator Chris Ferguson was struck with a question that inspired him to create his fantastic products: why don’t we have delicious, high-quality bar snacks that compliment American craft beers? We often accompany our wine with high-quality foods such as cheeses, flavored nuts, or olives. But at a bar with great beer, we are offered nothing more than plain peanuts, popcorn, or pretzel sticks.

In this month’s Pack, subscribers will receive the popular Bee’s Knees chipotle + lime flavored peanuts. We may never settle for boring old peanuts again!


Hammock Pack subscribers know something that the rest of us don’t: that life doesn’t have to be boring. Experience something new every month without ever leaving your home.

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