3 Tips for Relaxing During the Christmas Season

by Anna Wickham


Even though it’s called a “holiday,” sometimes Christmas is anything but relaxing. From cleaning and cooking for the impending arrival of guests to finishing all your Christmas shopping, it seems that your to-do list around Christmas time is never ending. You may be thinking that you have plenty of time to relax because you have time off from work or school. But every year after January 1st, you go back to your normal routine more exhausted than you were before.

That’s why it’s more important during the Christmas season than almost any other time of the year to have some time for yourself. Here are a few ways to make relaxation a priority during this Christmas season.

  1. Get a gift for yourself.

Sure, tis better to give than to receive, but receiving is nice too! You’ve worked hard all year and you deserve a token of appreciation to yourself. After you’re finished getting Christmas gifts for friends and family, make sure that you get yourself a little something as well.

If you’re at a loss, why not get yourself a subscription to Hammock Pack? It’s the perfect way to treat yourself all year long.

  1. Make a date with yourself. 
I know it sounds a little cheesy, but hear me out: how many first dates have you been on? Each time you go on a first date, you have to get dressed up, travel to and from the date location, and then go on the actual date itself. You dedicate up to several hours to a complete stranger.


Now when was the last time you dedicated several hours to yourself in an intentional way? If you’re like most people, it’s been a long time.

This Christmas season, I challenge you to make a date with yourself. What would make you most happy? What would give you the mental space to relax? It could be yoga and a nap, a journaling and coffee session on a Sunday morning at your favorite coffee shop, or even spending time with a friend that you rarely get to see. Whatever it is, decide what time you will start, then don’t get distracted checking your email or Facebook. Do yourself the same courtesy you would do for a complete stranger by starting on time, even if the only person you will be spending time with is yourself. You deserve some quality “me” time, so be intentional, and whatever you do, don’t feel guilty. You earned it!

  1. Begin a new habit that you enjoy (or rekindle an old one).

I know that you are busy, even when it’s not the Christmas season. But you should never be too busy to take just a little time to yourself on a regular basis.

Take advantage of the new year and make a resolution to begin a habit that is all about you: having a glass of nice wine a couple of nights a week, getting back into kickboxing class again, or taking a bubble bath with the latest best-selling novel one evening each week.

This Christmas, don’t get wrapped up in giving to everyone and forget to give to yourself. Use these tips to carve out some time for relaxation!


Image via Flickr user comedynose

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