Your Guide to Seattle Coffee Shops

by Anna Wickham


 It’s the age-old, transcendental question: if you visited Seattle and didn’t go to a coffee shop, did you visit Seattle?

 While you may actually be able to visit Seattle and not go to a coffee shop, we don’t see why you’d want to. As the most caffeinated city in the USA and home to some of the most iconic coffee shops in the world, Seattle not only knows coffee, but it has perfected the coffee shop ambiance. This week, we’ll guide you through the not-to-be-missed coffee shops in the city.

Starbucks: the Elephant in the Room

If you are a self-described Starbucks worshipper, your first stop has to be the iconic first Starbucks store at the Pike Place Market on the corner of Pike Street and 1st Avenue. The store contains pictures that give a glimpse into the past, in which Starbucks only sold roasted coffee beans to be brewed and enjoyed at home. Because of its original purpose, there is very little seating in the Pike Place Market store.

 While you might be tempted to stand in the long line to order your cup of coffee, it is advisable to take a look at your sanctuary, then go grab a cup of coffee at one of your later coffee destinations (and yes, if you must, a Starbucks).

Seattle’s Best Local Coffee Shops

If you’re on a coffee pilgrimage in Seattle, you’ll want to choose your coffee shops carefully. Have a look at our favorite shops right here to get the full Seattle experience.

Milstead & Co.

Voted Seattle’s “snobbiest” coffee shop, Milstead & Co. is the place for you if you have a sensitive enough palette to identify all aspects of a cup of coffee, including everything from where it was grown to how it has been stored.

While you might not find the store intimidating, rest assured that you are surrounded by folks who really like their coffee. Make sure to ask the baristas what they recommend, because Milstead has some of the most knowledgeable baristas around.

Zoca Coffee

Zoca has become a well-known Seattle shop that boasts delicious small-batch coffees and a community centered atmosphere. Founded in 1996 by University of Washington alumni Jeff Babcock, Zoca baristas and enthusiasts credit the shop’s success with the friendly, small-town environment in the middle of a bustling city. And if you’re ever in Tokyo, you’ll see a Zoca location there as well!


Fremont Coffee Shop


Fremont Coffee Shop has been around since 2003 when it opened its doors on 35th street. Fremont, which the owners adapted from an old house, is known for an abundance of indoor and outdoor seating. They roast their own coffee, so if you’re looking for an independent coffee shop from whom to buy beans to take back home, Fremont is a good choice.

Additionally, the Fremont baristas are known for creating amazing art in coffee foam, including everything from sculls to Hello Kitty.



There are countless other great coffee shops to visit while in Seattle, so if you have time, stay for a while and visit as many as possible.

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Images via Flickr users adactio and digitalcolony

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