7 Things Vermont Does Better Than Anywhere Else

By Anna Wickham

Tucked away in this little New England state are so many treasures to uncover. From the unbeatable fall foliage to America’s favorite ice cream, Vermont is in some ways the prototypical American locale. But some of these quirky facts about Vermont prove that the state does things on its own terms. In this month’s Hammock Pack, peek inside Vermont and discover all it has to offer.

1. Winter Sports

Vermont is considered an important location in the development of snowboarding. Vermont’s challenging terrain and weather turned out to be the perfect location for testing the early snowboard. Today, snowboarders continue to flock to the mountains to shred some powder.

 If snowboarding isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Skiing is idyllic in Vermont. With great ski locations such as Stowe, Sugarbush Resorts, Stratton, and Killington, there are plenty of slopes to choose from.

2. Covered Bridges

Vermont has more than 100 covered bridges, more per square mile than any other state. These structures serve to protect the bridges from winter weather that can be dangerous for drivers, but they are a beautiful sight to see year round.

3. Happiness and Health

The relatively small state of Vermont scores huge in studies of both overall health and happiness. According to the United Health Foundation, Vermont is consistently among the healthiest states in the country, and Vermont also has one of the happiest populations in the country.

4. Ice Cream

If you can’t live without a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every now and then, you can thank the great state of Vermont. The world-famous ice cream is still made in the Green Mountain State. And if you’re a true addict, maybe you should consider a job there: employees get to take home 3 free pints of ice cream everyday!

5. Road Trips

In order to preserve the natural beauty of the state, Vermont took an unusual step in the 1970s: they outlawed all billboards along highways. We sure are glad they did, because a drive through the state makes for one of the most gorgeous road trips in the country.

6. Farms

Vermont is a place where farms are plentiful. As home to almost half of the dairy farms in New England, dairy is the main source of agricultural income in the state (not to mention the source of some great cheese and Ben & Jerry’s!). But more than the product they cultivate, Vermont barns are a beautiful historic icon of the state and the region.

7. Maple Syrup

Vermont is America’s top exporter of maple syrup, with 35% of all American maple syrup coming from the state. In fact, Vermont produces more maple syrup than the next 4 American producers combined! While there are large producers of maple syrup in the state, there are also many small boutique producers, making it the perfect gift to bring home from your vacation there.

 What did we forget to add to the list?

 Images via Flickr users csessumstheimpulsivebuy, and sterlingcollege.

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