Old and New Traditions in Boston

by Anna Wickham


With an idyllic New England location and perfect fall weather, Boston is arguably one of the best autumn getaway destinations in the US. Everyone knows that if you haven’t had clam chowder in Boston, you haven’t been to Boston. But Boston is developing a reputation for a newer tradition as well: it’s the place to be for brunch!

This week, explore both old and new traditions in Boston with our list of not-to-be-missed clam chowder and Boston brunch spots.

An Autumn-y Brunch

Take time out from your busy sightseeing schedule to enjoy a leisurely brunch in Beantown. The crisp fall weather makes that morning cup of coffee even sweeter than usual. Plus, vacation brunch is the best excuse to drink before noon!

Boston offers a wide variety of brunch options so that no matter what kind of mood you’re in, there’s a spot just for you.

One of the best brunches in town is at Ribelle, a posh location that uses favorite dinner foods as inspiration for brunch. Try, for example, the morning Monte Cristo or the breakfast Bolognese to get your taste buds going early.

If you’re looking for a little light morning jazz entertainment, The Beehive is a popular choice with locals and tourists alike. In fact, it’s advised to book a reservation in advance if you want a table.

Finally, you’ll love the “Make Your Own Bloody Mary” bar at East Coast Grill. When you’re finally done savoring your alcoholic concoction, try some Cumin Chile Grilled Shrimp n' Grits or the Yucatan Breakfast Platter served with sweet fried plantains, salsa roja, and mango, tomato, and avocado salad.

Clam Chowder

What makes a Boston clam chowder great? That depends on who you ask, but a few staples are essential.

First, you need a flavorful base. Many Bostonians believe that pork, especially bacon, is the best way to season the broth that makes up the base. Add spices such as basil, chives, and freshly-ground pepper, and you’re in good shape.

Next, you want the base to be creamy and smooth, but not too thick that it’s dense. Heavier is not necessarily better. Finally, the clams and potatoes should be perfectly tender and bite-sized.

You have plenty of options when it comes to clam chowder in the city, but try a few places to experience the wide range of flavors that the meal has to offer. Try Legal Sea Foods for a clam chowder that is fit for US presidents (Literally! It has been served at presidential inaugurations since 1981), or Island Creek Oyster Bar for some clam chowder made with house-cured bacon. Looking for a chowder that’s gluten-free? Try B&G Oysters and hold the spicy croutons.

If you’re lucky enough to make it to Boston this autumn, use this guide to try both the old and the new in one of America’s most beloved historical cities. Or travel to Boston in spirit with Hammock Pack to have a taste of Beantown wherever you are!

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