Inside the Vermont Hammock Pack


 by Anna Wickham

Here at Hammock Pack, our job is to find the very best local products in a different nook of the globe every month, and we take that job very seriously. Our goal is to curate a package that will help you relax and unwind throughout the month, while at the same time exploring the unique cultures of different locations and supporting local businesses. This month, we’ve had a blast sourcing great products from the heart of Vermont. Take a peek inside!

Vermont Maple Granola


 In the last post, we learned that Vermont takes a love of maple to a whole new level. In fact, in 2011, all McDonalds stores in Vermont were required to serve real maple syrup with McDonalds oatmeal. This was because Vermont law says that any product with the word “maple” in it must use real maple, not imitation maple.

One great local product made with real Vermont maple syrup is Green Mountain Maple Granola made by The Vermont Maple Granola Company. The company’s owner says that the key to making killer granola is with the good stuff – real Vermont maple.

Chasworth Farm Artisan Soap


 The maple love continues with Vermont Maple Artisan Soap made byChasworth Farm. The soap’s primary ingredient is natural sunflower oil grown and pressed on a farm near Chasworth. The oil of sunflowers is an effective moisturizer and loaded with Vitamin E, which is known for repairing and rejuvenating your skin.

The best thing about this product may be that it uses entirely sustainable practices: no artificial colors and no chemicals. Not even added heat is used to create this soap. Chasworth has leveraged the natural process of sunflower oil to deliver a perfectly organic product that your skin will appreciate.

Liz Lovely Vegan Cookie


If you’re looking for the best vegan cookies in Vermont, look no further thanLiz Lovely. Boasting vegan cookies that don’t taste anything like vegan cookies, these little guys are a perfect treat for just about anytime!

The Orange Owl Bath Products



The mission of The Orange Owl is to provide green alternatives to products that we all use in everyday life. With vibrant colors and fragrances, you won’t have to be convinced to use the bath salts or body scrub that was included in your Hammock Pack this month.

But there’s more: The Orange Owl donates 5% of all proceeds to The Schooling Project, an organization that helps children in India gain the financial resources to stay in school rather than dropping out to support their families. Good bath products that do good in the world – it’s a win-win!


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